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Lisa Crocco

I'm a freelancer & writer.

Lisa is a public relations freelancer who blogs about topics she's interested in, reads more than she breathes and travels as much as her budget will allow.

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Career contessa bookclub networking article

Are Book Clubs the New Networking Goldmine?

Connecting with someone organically without it feeling forced. Boom. Thanks to book clubs, the most difficult aspect of networking has already been solved for you.

Cloudpeeps jobs article

Why you’re not winning any freelance clients or jobs

Landing work is not always as easy as you may have pictured. Especially with an influx of freelancers, side hustles, and soloprenuers entering the gig economy, the competition for work becomes difficult.

Laptop 943558 960 720 1 article

How Self-Employment Will Allow You to Take Control

At the end of the day, self-employment allows women to call their own shots, to take charge, be the boss, have the freedom and flexibility they desire, and most importantly breathe for the first time in years.

Career contessa gig economy article

Experts Agree, This is the Dark Side of the Gig Economy

Enough with all the articles about the flex schedules and freedom that freelancing brings. It’s time we start talking about the downsides, too.

Freelance online business guide  how to know if a client is the right fit article

Freelance Guide: How to Know if a Client is the Right Fit

The responsibility is to ultimately decide if this client is going to be good to you and good for you, as well as vice versa.

Career contessa stop attributing your success to luck article

Why Women Need to Stop Attributing Their Success to Luck

One that we are going to get in-depth about today is how some women are more likely to attribute their success to any other factor under the sun—except for themselves.

7 bad freelance habits to break in 2017 on  createlounge article

7 Bad Freelance Habits to Break in 2017

Establishing good work habits will help you become successful throughout the year, keep you on task, and help you to grow (or manage) your business more effectively.

Aenv9 j605m jakob owens 1 article

10 tools to help you plan for an incredible 2017

We are providing you with this handy list of the 10 top tools to help you plan for an incredible and successful 2017.

1312 damolade socialmediabrandvoice img article

How to Create A Social Media Style Guide Your Company Will Actually Use

Crafting a social media style guide is essential for your business, brand, and online identity because it allows you to know ahead of time who you need to reach and how to capture their attention.

Nnyxvqh9ho breather article

How to improve your freelance client onboarding process

Here are some of the ways you can create a delightful onboarding process with your client without bogging it down with such complicated structure.

Female boss form llc article

​How to Easily Form an LLC When You're a Busy Boss Lady

Here are the seven easy steps to starting an LLC that any busy boss lady can do.

Career contessa letter of rec article

How to Get a Kick-Ass Letter of a Woman

According to recent studies, women are far less likely than men to receive glowing letters of recommendation. Generally, it's an industry-wide phenomenon, but the unconscious gender bias is heavily present in STEM fields, the medical industry, and geoscience.

Photo 1416677357736 79cd2bce22c5 article

Congress can still approve these 2 campus sexual assault bills before January

There are two bills currently sitting in Congress that could significantly decrease sexual violence on campus and provide the necessary support for survivors. These two bills, the Hold Accountable and Lend Transparency (HALT) Campus Sexual Violence Act and the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, are awaiting a vote.

Career contessa pay gap problems article

The Secret Truth About the Gender Pay Gap

The wage gap is real.


Fullsizerender 4.37.58 pm article

Election Rewind

A bite-sized recap of everything that happened in the election from day 1 to Nov. 8.